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Just Another Gravi RPG

Yup.. another one

11/22/04 06:44 pm - x_horohoro_x - ^_^

hi! i'm new! can i be sakano? i love sakano!! ^_^ he's so pathetic ...

"sakano, you are fired!"

-_-;; he's really not like me at all ... i would have killed tohma if he fired and humiliated me in front of my underling.

^_^ i'll get into it.

10/3/04 06:47 pm - closet_child

o_o; Well you guys... I think it's about time we all figure out when the hell we'll be online. >_>; Cause this is... getting nowhere. x_x;

We need to set up a date :D yes yes a date. >>; date. It's a date man... daaaate. >>;; *ahem* I'm not high, I swear I'm not... XD;

but yes! Comment and tell me when you'll be free, that way I can figure out the best day for us to RP.


9/12/04 06:38 am - __jessums

Can I be Hiro please? kthxbai :3

9/11/04 04:29 pm - rushifaa

I would like to be Noriko ;x; Preease!

9/4/04 08:04 pm - rikuhayakawa - please ;o;

XD i wanna be Shuichi if no one cares ^^ hes my favorite chara in the anime!

9/4/04 05:46 pm - gravifuuten

Heyy~ plasticfayness forced me to join <3 ::love::

Anyway, I'd like to be Tatsuha :D "kthanxbai"

9/5/04 09:21 am - plasticfayness

YAY!!! i'm....first....second to join?

HIIIIIIIIII~~~~~~~~~~LKE WHOA OMFG LOLOLZZZ *goes off to pimpapimp*

Yuki pwnz all....Shuichi is a idiot >.>;;

Ok then.....i claim Yuki

ok...thank you and goodbye FUCKER

9/4/04 02:32 pm - closet_child

Well it's finally finished. x_x; ... >>;; Uh... It's simple, I know, but... ah hell I'll mess with it later. Maybe if we get enough members, I'll make a real pretty layout. :x

Anyway, being the first post... Here's the deal. This is a gravitation RPG (duh xX;) and if you'd like to play, all you need to do is tell me which character you'd like to play... Like so:

"I was wondering if I could play Tohma Seguchi kthanxbai :D"

... Well I could do without the "kthanxbai" but that's good enough. XD; So yes. Join! :O We... have 2 people!! XD; Don't forget to read the rules!! :O

<3 moderater hidetarou
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